Top 5 Malware Myths and Facts

Malware, viruses and other malicious software includes spyware, viruses,Trojans, keyloggers, adware, worms, potentially unwanted programs and some other types of code which can infect our computer and can gather some crucial details as well. Talking about its inception, hackers and criminals started creating malware in the mid-1980s, which is now growing at a rapid speed. With the malicious software and antivirus, it has several myths and facts which is associated with it. These days, it seems that there are a number of people who believe in several malware myths. Here, we have listed a few popular myths which needs to clarifies soon.

Software Updates Don’t Affect Computer Security:– It is one of the biggest fact on which people should believe in. Most of the software makers regularly release updates to address specific security issues. If your computer is outdated then it is more prone to crashes, security holes and cyberattacks than the patched one. Despite this, many people ignore initial software-update prompts that should never. You need to set your operating system and software to automatically update, or manually update it.

Macs are 100% Secure:- Decades ago, some individuals believe that Mac Machines are 100% secure and it cannot be infected by any virus or trojans. It is a clear myth which is not true at all. As per the old reports, Apple’s low market share attackers don’t create threats targeting Mac Machines. But the new reports suggested that Apple’s market share has grown significantly which lure the hackers. As per the recent reports Mac malware attacks have grown in recent years.

Malware Can Destroy Computer:- If your computer has some kind of malware and you think that it can completely destroy your computer then you are absolutely wrong. Malware don’t have the ability to damage the functioning of the system. Malwares are just a piece of malicious code that spreads infections. It doesn’t affect the physical part of the PC. After wiping clean, you can install a new operating system  but make sure that you run a thorough scan on the system before taking any backup. You can restore it on the freshly installed operating system.

Well Known Websites are Safe: –These days, hackers are attackers mainly aims on the well known websites as people have blind faith on the well known websites. People should aware that the well known websites can be malware infected. We have seen these kind of hacks several times in the past few years. Taking the example of Yahoo, BBC, AOL all these website have been hacked once by the hackers. So, having blind faith on the well known website could be the biggest mistake.

Buying an Antivirus programs burn hole in pocket:-  Buying an antivirus doesn’t burn a hole as it is easily available at an affordable price. All you need is to run a free trial version of the antivirus which works better for the computer. Apart from this, there are a large number of free antivirus which is available for free.  These free programs download latest definition updates which protect the machine and add an additional layer of security on the computer and on the files.

So, these were the popular myths which needs to be clarifies very soon. When it comes to Antivirus, one can choose the Norton antivirus as it is providing you an all in one solution for different sort of virus and malware attacks. For more information visit official website: and get an instant solution for your query.

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