Know the CCleaner Supply-Chain Malware Attack

Are you aware of the last year’s supply chain malware attack on a popular free software tool? If not, then we are going to remind you about this massive malware attack which affects millions of CCleaner user in the world. The attack was entirely intense which compelled every user to think about their privacy. According to the reports, around 2.3 million users were infected by this malware attack. Apart from that, hackers compromised the company servers for more than a month. They even replaced the original software with an infected one.  Those who were trying to upgrade or download the backdoored version of CCleaner app software was falling prey to this attack.

As per the recent sources, Mr.Ondrej Vlcek, EVP and GM of the consumer business unit at Avast Software revealed how hackers are gaining illegal access to the Piriform network via a remote desktop. He was indicating a popular remote desktop access program called TeamViewer. Adding to his statement, he said that the hackers somehow managed to invade into the server five months before. A malicious one replaced the original version of the software. This is how all their hacking tactics and strategies work.


As we have mentioned before, the attack was not spontaneous but was actually a  pre-planned approach which destroyed the existence of the company. The breach was performed on Piriform, a company that developed CCleaner and was later acquired by Avast in July 2017.

The first breach was witnessed on March 11, 2017. It was first witnessed when the hackers had access to one of the CCleaner developer’s workplace. They hacked the workstation by connecting it to the Piriform network that used TeamViewer software.

How Deep was the Breach?

It was a complete pre-planned attack which affected millions of users and destroyed the existence of the company. Hackers planned a multi-stage malware payload attack with the infected version of CCleaner. They were designed explicitly to corrupt computers and rob data from the devices.

However, the command and control server of the hacker was shut down within three days of the notification, but it was too late as it has already affected more than 3 millions of people.

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