How to Fix Login Issues of Norton Identity Safe?

Norton Identity Safe is a password manager tool which is completely ccloud-based It is easy to access and it makes it easier for you to access your personal information like your login credentials, passwords, address, bank card details, etc from across the world. The multi-layered protection feature makes your personal data completely secure. IF you are facing login issues with Norton Identity safe then read on to know how to solve them.

Solution 1:-

Restart the computer

  • Close all the programs which are active on your computer.
  • Go to Start and click on the arrow next to shut down.
  • Click Restart.

Solution 2:-

Sign out of Norton Identity Safe and then sign back in

  • Start the Norton antivirus Setup.
  • On the home screen, go to the right top corner and click on your username mentioned there.
  • You username will only get displayed in the home screen if you are logged in by using your Norton account credentials.
  • In the sign out dialog box, click OK.
  • In the main window of Norton antivirus product, go to the Identity tab and click on Identity Safe.
  • Go to the Get started window and click on sign in.
  • Fill in the Norton account details i.e. the username and password in the Sign in window
  • Click on the Sign in button
  • Fill in the Norton Identity Safe vault password for your Norton account in the Vault closed window.
  • Click on Open.

What to do when an incorrect password error displays while attempting to sign in?

In order to get access to your online vault, you have to first log in into your Norton account and then sign in to your Identity Safe Vault. If you get an incorrect password error then it is crucial for you to understand whether the error is caused by Identity Safe password or the Norton account password. Here are the steps to fix this error:

Step 1:-

Login to your Norton Setup Account

  • Go to
  • If in your web browser you see the Norton Identity Safe toolbar displaying that the Vault is closed then click on Vault is Closed.
  • Fill in your email address associated to Norton account.
  • Click on the Next
  • Fill in your Norton account password in the box and click Sign in.
  • When you have successfully logged in to the Norton account, you will be asked for the Identity Safe Vault password.

Step 2:-

Log in to the Norton Identity Safe Vault Account

  • In order to log in to the Norton Identity Safe Vault, you will be needed to enter the password for the Identity Safe Vault.
  • If you have forgotten the identity safe vault password then click on “Show password hint.”
  • Try to recall your password with the help of the hint. If it fails then you will be required to delete the Identity safe vault.
  • For reasons of security and data privacy, the user can neither reset nor retrieve the vault password if they have forgotten or lost their Identity safe vault password. They have no solution but to delete the online vault. Upon deletion of the online vault, all the data which was stored in it will get lost. However, if the user has created a back up or they have exported the vault then they can import the data in their new online vault.
  • Fill in a wrong password at least three times and then click on delete your Identity Safe Vault.
  • Click on the Yes button in Delete My Vault
  • Now enter your Norton account password
  • Click Delete my vault
  • A confirmation dialog box will show up, click Yes to delete the vault permanently.

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