Facebook is Developing Internet Satellite

Earlier this year, the social networking giant, Facebook announced that it will be developing an Internet satellite. It will be looking forward to providing access to unserved or underserved areas throughout the world. A host of companies are planning to launch satellites into Earth’s orbit to provide access to parts of the world that are still offline presently and Facebook has confirmed to Wired that it is one of those companies.

Facebook already had a plan to develop its solar-powered jet-sized drone named Aquila. The main objective of Aquila was to provide internet access to the underserved area. But, lately, Facebook announced that it will cast aside its plans to develop Aquila. Instead, the company will be launching a satellite early next year with an aim to help the people of remote areas in getting access. Athena, as Facebook named it, will be the new project in the company.

This new device would be designed in such a way that it could work efficiently to provide broadband service to the remote areas. This huge step by the company is something that people who are not connected to the world via the Internet would look forward to.

A Facebook spokesperson said that they don’t have any specific information to give regarding the project yet. But they believe that this would propel a way to the next generation of broadband infrastructure. The spokesperson further added that this will make the internet’s reach possible in rural areas where the internet connection is either weak or does not exist.

The in-development project, Aquila, will focus on the development of onboard software systems that guide internet aircraft. Yet, Facebook as the internet provider can approach people throughout the world who might become the member of its social network. This will expand the global reach of Facebook and further consolidate its online province.

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